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Five-Minute Activities for Young Learners

Автор: Penny McKay & Jenni Guse
Издательство: Cambridge

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ISBN: 9780521691345
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This book contains a selection of short activities organized around six themes which reflect the content covered in young learner English exams and the curriculum in most primary mainstream classrooms: Animals, Journeys, Fantasy and adventure, The world around us, Healthy bodies, and About me. Activities are organized by topic and by level to make it easy to find appropriate activities for students. They encourage meaningful language use and real communication appropriate to primary learners. Each activity also contains guidance and information on preparation, procedure, language focus, skills focus and thinking focus. Activities can be used flexibly in any order at any point in a teaching programme. In addition, the design of the activities allows teachers to adapt and apply the ideas to other themes. This book is suitable for both novice and experienced teachers who need a resource of enjoyable and motivating activities for the young learner classroom.

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